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Monday, December 31, 2012

A Fantastic Read... Secrets in the Shadows by T.L. Haddix

*Title edited above... oops - like I say below, I read these out of order... Secrets in the Shadows is not the sequel! Doh!*

I just finished reading Secrets in the Shadows by T.L. Haddix and realized I had to share this great book with all of you. I've been MIA of late, between life, new book releases and... life, I, well, it doesn't matter - I'm back to doing the things I love... writing and reading great stories (well, at least reading them;-) I'll let the you be the judge of the former part of that statement).

I'm planning on doing a post about my recent reading dilemma, but don't want to derail this review because T.L. deserves a major round of applause for fantastic first book in her Shadows series (I actually read these out of order, but it didn't matter - they were that good). - And I'm getting picky lately. Life really is too short to read bad books, but this one is well worth the time invested to surround yourself with this wonderful cast of characters.

I think the most inspiring part (and, yes, I may shop in the sinner's section on occasion  but I do enjoy being uplifted) is the amazing portrayal of a the Taylor family. Interwoven with this fun mystery is a heartwarming look into a family that works! How often do we get to see that anymore? Mom, dad, daughter, son, granddaughter and even an ex-husband written in a way that isn't tragic or unbelievable, but simply... inspiring. I loved this family. I aspire to be this family! Really well done, so... Bravo! If you haven't read T.L. Haddix before, start now! My only regret with this book is that it sat so long on my Kindle before I got around to reading it!

Description from Amazon Product Page:

Life can go on after tragedy...

After surviving a traumatic attack as a teenager, as well as a disastrous first marriage, Lauren Taylor Grant is content with her life. So what if she gets lonely from time to time? With a healthy, beautiful daughter, and a successful coffee shop-cafe, the divorced single mother convinces herself she doesn't have time for love. When she gets her first glimpse at her parents' handsome new neighbor, though, she starts reconsidering her stance. Once Charlie Clark begins breaking through her defensive walls, Lauren finds him hard to resist.

Nothing stays hidden forever...

Just as Lauren is learning to let go of the past and embrace the future, her personal demons rear their ugly heads in the guise of a vandal hell-bent on destroying Lauren's happiness. When another local businesswoman is brutally murdered, the investigation into the crime reveals an unexpected connection to Lauren's past. The message is clear--the past has come calling, and it's out for blood.

Note for Readers: This book does deal with the issues of incest and sexual abuse, more with the effects on the victims than the abuse itself. Reader Discretion Advised.

"Secrets in the Shadows" is the first book in the Shadows Collection, Romantic Suspense novels set in small-town Indiana. Other titles include "Under the Moon's Shadow," "Shadows from the Grave,""Hidden in the Shadows," and "In the Heart's Shadow."

Happy Reading!

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  1. Sorry T.L. - This post went out stating that Secrets in the Shadows was the sequel to the first in your series. I know that's not the case and it's been fixed. I hope I didn't confuse your readers!!! The book is fab though, no matter where it falls in the series!

    My sincerest apologies for the confusion!!!