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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Almost Perfect by Julie Ortolon, a review

When three best friend discover the fourth from their group of former college roommates has written a book calling them out on what is holding them back in their lives, Maddy, Christine and Amy vow to conquer their fears. Almost Perfect, book one in the Perfect Trilogy, follows Maddy as she confronts her fear of success, as well as her girlhood flame.

With so many character's initially, I had a difficult time remembering who was who. But after the story branched off to focus on Maddy, I couldn't stop turning the pages. Almost Perfect is a well-written, light read - perfect for a day at the beach or a weekend spent curled up in your favorite easy chair. I especially enjoyed that misunderstandings never got too far out of control and both main characters were real, caring, and genuinely loved each other.

I would definitely recommend this book and have already downloaded book two, Just Perfect after reading a sample at the end of book one and have a feeling it will be every bit as enjoyable as the first. If you enjoy light romance, you will not regret getting this book.

Happy Reading!


**Disclaimer: I am not a professional literary reviewer. I do not know this author and I am not being paid or otherwise compensated for this review. The opinions stated here are mine alone.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sinclair Books: Interview with Heidi Hall

Sinclair Books: Interview with Heidi Hall: "BOOK OF THE MONTH Today we are joined by Author Heidi Hall. Heidi has taken the time to sit down with us and have a chat. Please remember t..."

Please follow the link above to see the full interview at Sinclair Books.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just Got Back From Mexico - Awesome Vacation on the Cheap.

Had a blast! We went to Rocky Point (AKA Puerto Penasco) and every time we get there I can't believe that such a beautiful seaside vacation is only a 3 1/2 hour drive from Phoenix. Of course, with all the bad press, everyone kept telling us how dangerous it was to go... nope. Felt completely safe. They've made major improvements to the downtown area and it was fun to poke through all the open-air shops.

I felt bad for all the hardworking vendors who rely so heavily on tourism for their livelihood. I mean, we stayed at The Sonoran Sky and it was beautiful, but there were probably only fifteen families there with us! Really? The beach was practically deserted. The upside of this is that you can really haggle on the prices for wares, although I felt so bad I usually gave them full asking price.

If you live in the southwest, you really should go. Maybe not before I buy a condo there though--they're dirt cheap right now! These are pictures from the room we stayed in; 2 bedroom, 2 bath, full kitchen...all for under $600 for the week. Split between two couples, that's a seriously cheap vacation!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bel-Air Dead By Stuart Woods

I just finished reading Bel-Air Dead by Stuart Woods. I have to admit that it took a while for me to get into it. SW is one of my all-time favorite authors, but this seemed like a first-time novel. I forced myself to keep reading... and it got good!

I like Stone Barrington, the main character, and he ended up being the old man-whore that I've come to appreciate. I had heard rumblings that the character was getting old - as in too much of the same thing - but I disagree. Once the plot thickened and I stopped reading the plethora of "he said's", I really enjoyed the story.

I read to escape; and living among the rich and famous, if only for a short while, is never a bad way to pass the time. I ended up finishing in one session after several stops and starts because the pace really picked up.

If you're a fan of Woods' Stone Barrington series, this book won't disappoint. Yes, I think it might be time to close out the story... how geriatric is this guy going to get before he cares that he has no one to share his life with and a son who doesn't know he exists? I got the sense that this might be changing though and really hope it does.

For now, Stuart Woods remains on my auto-buy list (even though I really wish he would get rid of that ridiculous diatribe he puts at the end of his novels). Bel-Air Dead is what you expect. Not more, not less, but still a Stone Barrington novel.

Happy Reading!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill and Sharon Lechter - A Must Read!

I had the great honor of going to the launch of Sharon Lechter's latest book and have to say that you simply must read Outwitting the Devil. The original manuscript for this was written in 1938 by Napoleon Hill and quickly hidden due to his, and his family's, fear of repercussions. When Sharon was contacted by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to annotate the original manuscript and finally release it to the public, we were given a rare opportunity to confront the Devil in our own lives.

Amazingly, the content is stunningly relevant to the times we are living in now: with startling similarities between what happened during the Great Depression and what is now occurring during this Great Recession. I have only begun reading, but have to say that hearing Sharon talk about the book was eye-opening. What really matters in our lives? Is the Devil holding you back? How do you take control of your life and achieve your goals?

I've been told that the book is life changing. How often do you hear that nowadays from someone you know and trust? Three chapters in, I can see how it's possible; truly motivating and inspirational. Read the book. I am.

Happy Reading!

**Disclaimer: I am not a professional literary reviewer. I am not being paid or otherwise compensated for this review. The opinions stated here are mine alone.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Review - Bridesmaid Lotto by Rachel Astor - Loved It!

I Just finished reading Bridesmaid Lotto by Rachel Astor and couldn't wait to share this wonderful book with my fellow Chick-Lit lovers! Such a cute story with wonderful characters and a fun plot. Josie McMaster is a fantastic main character, down to earth and easy to relate to. Jake Hall, our hero (sigh), well, let's just say I wouldn't mind meeting him, not one little bit.

Normally I like a bit of heat in my reading, and this book was very tame for me, but somehow you still felt the passion, the connection and the budding romance of Josie and Jake without having it right in your face... bravo! That is not easy to pull off and still satisfy those of us who enjoy steam not just in the shower.

I don't want to give away any spoilers, but Bridesmaid Lotto really is fantastic and I hope you'll give it a read! You can't beat the price (currently $.99)! I almost feel like I should pay more, simply because I enjoyed it so much! Buy it! Buy it right now!!!

**UPDATE: McMaster the Disaster is back! Book two, Gamble on Engagement is out now!

Happy Reading!


**Disclaimer: I am not a professional literary reviewer. I am not being paid or otherwise compensated for this review. The opinions stated here are mine alone.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Review - Undercover in High Heels - Book 3 in the High Heels Mysteries

I finished reading Undercover in High Heels this weekend, Book 3 in the High Heels Mysteries boxed set by Gemma Halliday. I have to admit that they're getting better as I delve more deeply into the series. The characters are growing and the writing keeps improving. I'm really enjoying spending time in the world of Maddie Springer.

Undercover in High Heels takes us to the set of Magnolia Lane, a TV series that sounds an awful lot like Desperate Housewives, and another mystery that Maddie can't seem to stay away from. Maddie's relationship with Ramirez is also deepening and I really like the slow build that is finally being rewarded where they are concerned. I could do with a few less references to Maddie's "Irish Catholic Grandmother", but suppose it might be necessary if you were to start reading in the middle of the series.

Overall, this is my favorite book in the series yet and I'm excited to begin reading the next. I definitely recommend buying the boxed set as it is a steal! A must read for chick-lit lovers!

Happy Reading


**Disclaimer: I am not a professional literary reviewer. I do not know this author and I am not being paid or otherwise compensated for this review. The opinions stated here are mine alone.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Can I Touch it?

I'm a little late in posting this, but stumbled across the picture and couldn't resist...

So, my mom spoiled me this year for my birthday and I received a very large Louise Vuitton box in the mail. My baby girl (Princess Senorita FancyPants) thought it was pretty cool, too. She really wanted to get in it, but I had to draw the line somewhere. Besides, just sitting in the box makes her look super sexy! Gotta love outrageously priced, kick-ass designer handbags and the kitties who love them!

My All-Time Favorite Beach Reads!

Summer is for reading. Whether it be at the beach, by the pool, or curled up in your favorite chair enjoying the colorful world of a writer's imagination, good books are essential. I've been a bookaholic since the days of bedtimes that were before the sun set. Even back then, I would settle back against the pillow and read until it was time to turn on the flashlight. I have no idea how many books I have read in my lifetime, but below are the ones that every summer I get the urge to read again. Nothing heavy, but always fun. Let me know if any of your favorites are on the list or if there is something you think I'd like... I'm always up for recommendations! Happy Reading!


The Reef Sugar Daddy Blue-Eyed Devil Firefly Lane  Beach Girls Lifeguard Orchid Beach Orchid Blues  Blood Orchid Hothouse Orchid Bungalow 2 Welcome to Temptation  Motor Mouth Metro Girl

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Looking for a great book at a low cost for your Kindle? Try these! All $2.99 and under.

You don't have to spend a fortune to read a great book on your Kindle. Below you'll find an eclectic selection of fantastic reads, all $2.99 or less! What are you waiting for?

Hover over the title link to see book.

  • Mysteries, Thrillers, Suspense - What's your Poison
 Impeding Justice 

 Final Justice 

 Sugar & Spice:

Best Friends

Dark Quarry: A Mike Angel PI Mystery

Dark Blonde: A Mike Angel Private Eye Mystery

No Good Deed: Book One

March Into Hell: Book Two 

  • Young Adult - Do you like to keep a bit of innocence in your library?
Codename: Dancer


Most Likely


  •  Let's hear it for ROMANCE! Whether you love it contemporary, from days gone by, funny, serious, or served with a side of murder...

 Candy Store

 Accomplished in Murder

Cupid's Dating Disasters

Little Miss Straight Lace

Love Handles

Quick Study

Spouse Hunting

Untamed Magick

I'm George, mwm, 52

Nothing To Lose

Daughter of Time: A Time Travel Romance

Footsteps in Time: A Time Travel Fantasy

Prince of Time

The Last Pendragon: A Story of Dark Age Wales


A Dose of Reality

An Unexpected Obsession
  • How about a Post-Apocalyptic Love Story?


  • These books are out of this world (AKA, Science Fiction)
The Gold Engine




Peace Warrior 
  • Urban & Epic Fantasy - get lost in imagination.
Vampire Assassin (Jane #1)

Hard Day's Knight (Black Knight Chronicles)

Back In Black

The Hawk And His Boy

The Shadow at the Gate

The Last Man on Earth Club

  • Literary Shorts - Don't have time for a heavy tome? Try these!
If You Go Into The Woods

Thinner Thighs In Thirty Years (Kindle Single)

  • Humor, because laughter is the best medicine
The Book of Awful

The Mike Murphy Files and Other Stories

  • Boys, boys, boys... M/M Romance
Just Don't Mess With Us: Family Matters

A Dish Served Cold

The Invisible Chains - Part 1: Bonds of Hate (Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse)

The Invisible Chains - Part 2: Bonds of Fear (Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse)

  • Fiction, not fact - better (includes Historical, Christian, Literary & Women's)

One Hundred Open Houses

White Seed: The Untold Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke

Calling Crow (Book One of the Southeast Series)

Flight of the Crow (Book Two of the Southeast Series)

Flight of the Crow (Book Two of the Southeast Series)

Rubies and Other Gems - the Novel

The Butterfly Key

Heaven Sent