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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In Celebration of Summer Reading - Ann Charles

Post number two in my Celebration of Summer Reading series is dedicated to Ann Charles and her Deadwood & Jackrabbit Junction Series', who now has another fan -- ME!

My love affair with this author (okay, I may be overstating a tad... I haven't actually met the author. But I am in love with her books) began with the Deadwood Humorous Mystery Series, so I'll focus on those books first.

I started with Nearly Departed in Deadwood and read the entire series (to date) in a weekend. Fun, well-written and the characters simply come alive! There's mystery and romance, humor and heartwarming moments and... ghosts. I love ghosts!

And the setting was original (at least, it was for me) and brought to life vividly. Now I want to visit South Dakota (words I never considered saying before). I liked the fledgling Realtor angle as well... I spend many weekends poking around model homes and open houses (I'm nosy), so it was fun to do it without leaving the my back patio.

There are four books in the series so far (in order): Nearly Departed in Deadwood, Optical Delusions in Deadwood, Dead Case in Deadwood, Better off Dead in Deadwood, as well as Seeing Trouble and Boot Points - both short stories. I can't wait for more! Go - buy them all now!

Miss Charles also has another series set in Jackrabbit Junction, Arizona. As an Arizonan, it was fun to read about an area of the state I haven't spent much time in. And the characters, mystery and romance in these books were just as addicting!

The saga begins with Dance of the Winnegabos and Claire being assigned to keep her grandfather out of trouble when he and his posse visit the Arizona desert to find new wives... with an intro like that, how can you resist finding out what happens next?

But then she finds a human leg bone and a partner in crime solving (and maybe romance) with a sexy geotechnician related to the owner of the struggling RV park she is temporarily calling home... and the fun really begins.

There are two books in the series so far (in order): Dance of the Winnebagos and Jackrabbit Junction Jitters, with a promise of a mid-2013 release of The Great Jackalope Stampede. I can't wait! And I guarantee you'll be hooked, too.

Happy Summer Reading!


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