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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Practical Use for a Cactus? My "Green" Tip of the Day.

Okay, so I'm sitting out on my back patio (as usual...it is basically my office after all) and I discover I have a problem. A stubborn piece of the delicious reheated carne asada chimichanga that I had for lunch has lodged itself between my molars and no amount tooth-sucking is doing the trick.

I look to my left, and beside me is an Octopus Agave in a pot. Hmm, I think, remembering an episode of some survival show that explained how one might use the pointy tip as a needle by pinching it off and when you pull, there is built-in "string" attached. I shrug my shoulders and decide, "Why not? I'm too lazy to get up, walk inside and hunt down some dental floss."

Holy cow! It works as described! I could use this method to fix a button on the fly, sew up a wound, or, hey, get this meat out of my teeth. As a bonus, no dental floss was harmed (nor was the cactus). Now that is embracing "Going Green."

I feel much better now.

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