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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mayhem in High Heels by Gemma Halliday - A Review

I finished reading the final book in the High Heels Mysteries series by Gemma Halliday today and would definitely recommend it to all my fellow chick lit lovers. Mayhem in High Heels finally finds Maddie planning her wedding and is a great ending to a fun series.

Product Description:

"Maddie Springer is finally walking down the aisle with the man of her dreams. And she's got the perfect wedding planner to pull it all off in style. Well, perfect, that is, until the woman winds up dead - murdered in buttercream icing. Suddenly Maddie's hope of a dream wedding melts faster than an ice sculpture at an outdoor buffet. And when her groom-to-be is assigned the detective in charge of the case, there goes any chance of a honeymoon. Unless, of course, Maddie can find the murderer before her big day. With the help of her fellow fashionista friends, Maddie vows to unveil the cold-blooded killer. Is it the powerful ex-husband, the hot young boy toy, a secret lover from the past, or a billionaire bridezilla on the warpath? As the wedding day grows closer, tempers flare, old flames return, and Maddie's race to the altar turns into a race against time."

These books are pure escapism and I enjoyed them immensely. Even while rolling my eyes at some of the ridiculous scenarios, they still made me keep turning the pages to see what trouble Maddie would find herself in next. Although I disagree with her final choice, after reading the excerpt from Gemma's newest series, the Hollywood Headlines Mysteries, I understand why the author chose the path she did and I am looking forward to starting Hollywood scandals.

While not exactly new territory, the High Heels Mysteries are too much fun to worry about how similar they are to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books (which I love). I also appreciate that I can buy both of Gemma Halliday's series for the price of one new release by Janet Evanovich (that's right, eight books for the price of one). If you're looking for a new author to sink your teeth into, Gemma Halliday would not be a bad choice. Like I said before, the books are fun, easy, light reads.

I definitely recommend going ahead and buying the whole series because you really can't beat the price for days of entertainment. The Amazon links are below if you're interested:

Happy Reading!


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