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Friday, January 6, 2012

Potential new cover for Witch Way...


Thanks for all the great advice and for sharing your opinions!!! I really appreciate all the input. Here's the winner:

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Opinions needed! 
I've been tinkering around with my novella covers recently. Coven by Christmas had a makeover last week and now I'm thinking Witch Way needs a face lift, too. Here's what I've come up with so far...

Here's the original for comparison ----->>>. I like the new colors, but really need some secondary opinions! Is it eye-catching? Boring? Unoriginal? I'd love to hear your thoughts.




  1. I love them both, but think the second one is catchy.

  2. I love them both, but the new one catches my eye more.

  3. Original is cute, but I prefer this one - love the moon & the cat!

  4. New one. It's kind of got this Bewitched thing going on plus it's simpler. The old one is too busy. I don't know what to focus on and it's a bit of a struggle to decipher the elements making up your visual. But on your new one, I might play around with a heavier font or bold the font you have in there right now. It's a tad bit too weak, imo. Maybe play around with the thickness of the moon glow. That tree or bush thingy on the far left sticking in frame is a little irritating. I would lose it. It's not buying your visual anything.

  5. I made a few more changes to the cover (see above), but majority ruled in the end and Witch Way has a fresh new look! I love it! And thanks for all the feedback! I have tried to incorporate as much of it into the final product as I could. My design team wants me to lose the shooting star, but I really like it for some reason... especially now that I raised the sky and removed the solid band behind the title. Al I know is that's I like it better than the first one... I still love the shoe because of how it ties to the story, but late covers incorporate it, so I think we're okay. Thanks again everyone!


  6. I really like all of your covers.