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Monday, April 23, 2012

She's Baaaack! Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich

Okay, so this always happens when I'm nearly finished with a project... I start procrastinating! What is my favorite way to pass the time when I'm in procrastination mode? Read, of course!

I've been hemming and hawing over reading J.E.'s latest because the reviews are so mixed. I mean, Explosive Eighteen actually has more 1-star ratings than 5-star, which I find mind boggling. I can understand the complaints about price. $13.99 for an ebook that was released nearly six months ago? Ridiculous. Sorry, I love Miss Evanovich, but the pricing by the big publishers really ticks me off. So what did I do? Bought the damn thing.

And I loved it! Reviewers have been dead on with the past few books in that they were getting a bit repetitive and lacking in the surprising bursts of laugh-out-loud humor J.E. is famous for. Not Explosive Eighteen! Usually when I have a written LOL moment, it's really more of a small grin, maybe a slight chuckle. Yet, finally, I can write that I seriously laughed, deep belly chuckles, more than once while reading this book. Do I wish Stephanie would make up her mind? Yes! Well, only if she picks Ranger, but that's a personal preference.

Then again, if Explosive Eighteen is any indication of a return to the former glory of the Stephanie Plum series, I don't want her to make a difinitive choice... because then it would be over. And it can't be over. I need a go-to author who keeps me turning the pages and inspires me to new heights.

I won't rehash the plot, because if you're a fan you know what you're getting here. But I will say all those 1-star reviews are misguided in my opinion. If you're holding out for the same reasons I was, don't. Well worth the read. (Even more worth it if you can get your hands on the paperback or a used copy... $13.99? Really? Okay, enough said. I'm over it now. Promise.)

Bitching aside, I highly recommend Explosive Eighteen. Fun, fun, fun read!!!

Happy Page Turning!

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