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Saturday, September 17, 2011

For Love or Legacy by Ruth Cardello - Another great romantic read!

Somehow between finishing the first book in my new series, cleaning my windows and patio furniture, and washing my car, I managed to also finish reading Book two of Ruth Cardello's Legacy CollectionFor Love or Legacy. I didn't expect to be disappointed, and I wasn't. Great story, wonderful characters and *spoiler alert* a happy ending. What was there not to love? My only complaint? Book three won't be out until next year! Hurry up, I'm dying to find out what Jake and Lil's story will be.


"Book 2: For Love or Legacy (Legacy Collection)

Nicole Corisi will lose her inheritance if she doesn’t find a way around the terms of her father’s will, but she will have to partner up with her estranged brother’s rival to do it. As pretense becomes painfully real, Nicole will have to choose between Stephan and the family he is driven to destroy.

Stephan Andrade has been planning his revenge ever since Dominic Corisi unscrupulously took over his father’s company. With Corisi Enterprises gambling its reputation on the success of a new software network for China, Stephan finally has his chance to take back his legacy. Dominic’s younger sister, Nicole, asks Stephan for his help and provides him with an opportunity to exact his revenge on a personal level.

It all goes smoothly until he falls in love."

If you haven't read Book 1, Maid for the Billionaire, definitely buy and read it first. It is still FREE on Amazon and only $0.99 for Nook (It's only a buck...don't miss out). And definitely don't hesitate to buy For Love or Legacy - $2.99 for Kindle and Nook. Great romance!!!

Happy Reading!


**Disclaimer: I am not a professional literary reviewer. I am not being paid or otherwise compensated for this unsolicited review. The opinions stated here are mine alone.


  1. Heidi, Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed them.
    Ruth Cardello

  2. I'm reading Dominic's story now and its wonderful. I have bought and downloaded Nicole's. Wonderful story so far. Abby is cracking me up. So is Jake and Marie

  3. Hi Harlie Reader,

    Stephan and Nicole are great! You'll enjoy the series. I can't wait for the third one... hint, hint Ms. Cardello :)

    No pressure.


  4. i just wish your book is also available here in the philippines...unfortunately not..