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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Author with BITE - check out my interview with Rebecca Foote

Today, my Romance/Chick-Lit Author Interviews series continues with Rebecca Foote… and her debut novel, In Shadows, has bite! Not only is she the first author of vampire stories I’ve interviewed so far, but she’s also the first historical author. Somehow that seems incredible to me. Enjoy getting to know her!

Welcome, Rebecca!

ME: Here’s an easy question to start us off, and one everyone wants to know: What are you writing now?
REBECCA: I’m currently working on a paranormal romance novel titled Half Life. The story takes place along the beautiful Oregon coast near a small town named Florence (a place that I once lived). I thought it would make a great setting for a magical and spooky story. Anyone who has been in a thick wooded forest can imagine what kind of great backdrop that could create. I'm happy to say that Half Life is close to completion. This book is different from my first novel, In Shadows, because it has a different kind of supernatural element. I hope that readers will enjoy it.

ME: I’m from Bend, Oregon and spent many summers at the coast with my family. I’ve always thought the area was tragically beautiful – if a little spooky. You’re right, it’s a perfect backdrop. We’ve set the scene, but what about your characters? How closely do they resemble you?
REBECCA:  In my first novel, In Shadows, Ariana is innocent and naive when she starts her journey into the Vampire Realm. I'd like to think that she is bit like me when I was around sixteen-years-old.  When I created her, I knew Ariana needed to be strongly connected to her family and be able to pull through difficult challenges.  Since, I don't believe that life is completely black and white, my characters tend to have both good and bad in them. It makes their reactions and emotions more "real". Although the stories I write have otherworldly elements, my characters' emotions are reflections of the truth found in all of us.

ME: I couldn’t agree more. I never like the goody-two-shoes, in books or in real life – too phony. Do you ever wish you lived a character's life (not just in your imagination)?
REBECCA:  Yes and no. To escape into a fantasy world, where one is powerful and exotic sounds wonderful, but with that comes all of the dark and scary things hiding in the shadows.

ME: Okay, now on to something of grave importance... sunglasses (a particular fetish of mine): designer or drugstore cheapies? How many pairs are enough?
REBECCA: Ha ha ha! Good question. I would choose a designer pair of sunglasses if it weren't for my two young daughters always playing with them. They love to play dress up and borrow everything. There's a long sad trail of broken sunglasses around my house, so I tend to buy cheap ones because they will always meet their demise. Several pairs are required.

ME: At least there’s hope when the girls grow upJ. Now, back to writing - Would you ever want to work on a combined project with your favorite author? If so, who?
REBECCA: I would love to work with one of my favorite authors: Charlaine Harris or Anne Rice. Truthfully, there are so many authors that I love, it would be difficult to choose just one.

ME: Oooh, good ones! My BFF and I have been talking about visiting N’Awlins and going on the tour of Anne Rice’s home. I’ve never read Charlaine Harris, but I wouldn’t mind spending time with her character, Eric, from True Blood! 
Just a little eye-candy -->

Thank you so much for sharing a bit about you and your writing with us today! One final question... I've found that readers really enjoy connecting with authors... what is one thing you want your fans to know about you that they may not already be aware of?
REBECCA: I enjoy listening to music when I write. It tends to bring out creative ideas and helps me get past writer's block. Lately, I've been listening to Evanescence and classical music.

ME: I love Evanescence!

Thanks again, Rebecca! Need to know more? Check out In Shadows, Rebecca Foote’s debut novel on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Also, be sure to check out her AmazonAuthor’s page.

Have a great day!

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