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Thursday, December 8, 2011

An interview with Romi Moondi, author of: Year of the Chick!

How could you ignore an author who includes this at the bottom of her product description?

"DISCLAIMER: this book contains profanities, blunt accounts of the dating scene, and many awkward family moments. Enjoy!!!"

How awesome is that? And how awesome is author Romi Moondi? If her novel, Year of the Chick, is anything to go by – pretty damn awesome. And today she’s taking the time to let me be nosy!

Welcome, Romi!

ME: First, love the cover! Second: What are you writing now?
ROMI: I’m actually in an in-between writing phase. I just released my first full-length fiction effort Year of the Chick. It’s available as an ebook and I’m just getting the paperback version ready for print. Next, I’d like to write a short story that’s a bit of a “prequel” to Year of the Chick and sell it free on Amazon. In 2012 I’ll be turning a script I wrote this year into a novel, and that will be the sequel to Year of the Chick!

ME: You’re going to be busy! Any particular quirks you pass on to your characters?
ROMI: I don’t think it’s one quirk from the Year of the Chick character, but many, many things from the character that resemble me. Most noticeably – we both are terrible at dating and both our parents want us to get an arranged marriage...haha.

ME: I don’t know, sometimes I think an arranged marriage would have made my life a lot easier. LOL. Not really, but… kind of easier. Would you ever want to live a character’s life?
ROMI: Sometimes I do think I live my main character’s life, I just haven’t figured out how to score the happy ending bit ;-)

ME: Ha! I don’t know, maybe your happy ending is not finding a man! Believe me, they are a ton of trouble. On to the most important question of this interview: sunglasses – designer shades or drugstore cheapies? And can you ever have enough pairs?
ROMI: Since I’m so blind that a squirrel resembles a baby from far away, I need my sunglasses to be prescription, so definitely not the cheapies for me. This also means I only have one pair of sunglasses in the rotation at the moment; they’re my Ralph Laurens and I love them!

ME: I feel your pain. Until I had Lasik© surgery I couldn’t see my fingers in front of my face and all my glasses were less than glamorous… now? It’s all about Chanel, baby! Maybe Prada, Dior and the occasional Louis Vuitton mixed in for flavor. Sorry, I get easily distracted when it comes to fashionJ. Back to books – would you ever want to work on a joint project with another author?
ROMI: Well my favorite book is Jane Eyre, and at the time it was written the sort of topics Charlotte Bronte wrote about were revolutionary. She challenged preconceived notions and brought new ideas to the table, which is something I try to do in my writing as well. Therefore, I would LOVE to collaborate with her, but unfortunately she’s been dead for ages. Umm.

ME: We’re fiction authors… the dead don’t always stay dead. Okay, in this case she might. We can always hope for a haunting...
I’ve found that readers really enjoy connecting with authors (especially when they’re alive)… what is one thing you want your fans to know about you that they may not already be aware of?
ROMI: For the humble number of fans I currently have, I would want them to know I’m the person sitting in Starbucks typing away furiously on my laptop...watching you...writing about you. Ha. Is that creepy?

ME: Maybe a little creepy, but I won’t tell… just kidding – about the creepy part. Of course I’m going to tell! Thanks again for stopping by today, Romi!

You can check out Romi Moondi’s hysterical novel, Yearof the Chick, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now. And be sure to stop by her Amazon’s Author page for even more great info.

Happy, hilarious reading!

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