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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Haunted Houses-The Nest-The Good, The Bad, and The Scary

Got my scare on at The Nest last night. Located on the grounds of Rawhide, one of the best attractions was the headless horseman galloping through the streets of the western town. I have to admit that I am usually VERY scared at haunted houses, but either I've outgrown the fear or it wasn't very scary this year. I felt a little ripped off by how sparse the actual "actors" were (after paying $25 buck for an hour of being frightened, I want people scaring me, not inanimate silicone). The haunted "house" is actually a 10,000 sqft. giant tent and there are several different theme rooms to travel through. The new 3-D attraction was incredibly cool and one of my faves (clowns are always scary, right?). The dark maze would have been great if we hadn't had to keep stopping and if the volume of the train horn going off hadn't left my ears bleeding (seriously, bring ear plugs for this portion, I'm pretty sure there was permanent damage done). The actual area that resembled a house was good, the mental hospital and autopsy suite even better. Getting chased out by leatherface was a treat not to be missed and made my BFF run screaming, abandoning her 6'4" husband in favor of a very large woman ahead of us (it didn't make sense to us either, but it sure was entertaining).

The Nest was voted scariest haunt in America by MSN, a claim that had us forking over the dough without question. The actors were great, lots of interaction and decent costumes. Definitely a must-see for teens (I wouldn't recommend bringing children, although there were some there). There was one area that actually elicited a scream from me...rickety bridge, surrounded by swamp...and overall it was a good time. My recommendation would be to go on a night less crowded (not Friday or Saturday) as the wait--I'm not talking about the line to get it, that wasn't so bad--was ridiculous to get from one area to the next and really took some of the "Scary" out of the experience.

I know it sounds like I didn't enjoy it very much, but I did. We had a great time and I thoroughly recommend The Nest to anyone who enjoys haunted houses.

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Happy Halloween!

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