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Monday, November 14, 2011

Author Interview - R.G. Porter

I've been wanting to do a Romance/Chick-Lit author interview series for some time now and it looks like this is the lucky month! Throughout November I will be posting a new interview with a fabulous Romance or Chick-Lit author every day. My first victim/guinea pig (just kidding) is the wonderful R.G. Porter, writer of paranormal romance and the  author of Shades of Night. Also available for Nook.
Welcome, R.G.!

Me: Let's start with an easy question: What are you working on now?

R.G.: Right now I'm working on the last novel in my Darkness Unleashed series titled Call of the Raven.

Me: Sounds exciting! How closely do your characters resemble you? (Any particular quirk?)

R.G.: I like to think some of them have my sense of wonder and humor. I love looking at things in a different light and hope to convey that in my writing.

Me: That's a great quality to have. Do you ever wish you lived a character’s life (not just in your imagination)?

R.G.: I would have loved to be Arieana in my upcoming release Keepers of Water. She has a spunkiness to her that is fantastic, but she is also very in-tune with nature.

Me: Okay, now on to something of grave importance... sunglasses (a particular fetish of mine): designer or drugstore cheapies? How many pairs are enough?

R.G.: I tend to go for quality over quantity. I adore the pair I've had for the last five years. They are designer but not over the top either. :)

Me: Good answer. Now, back to writing - Would you ever want to work on a combined project with your favorite author? If so, who?

R.G.: I would love to work on a project with other authors. I've done so in the past with a few and would love to work on something with Trudi Canavan (one of my favorites) or even Anne Bishop (the woman is brilliant on world building).

Me: Thank you so much for sharing a bit about you and your writing with us today, R.G.! One final question... I’ve found that readers really enjoy connecting with authors… what is one thing you want your fans to know about you that they may not already be aware of?

R.G.: I am such an animal person. I love spending time at the local shelters and giving the creatures there as much attention as I can. I wish I owned enough land to take them all home with me sometimes.

Me, too! My first interview and I have a new best friend ;-)

If you would like to learn more about R.G. Porter and her writing, please visit her Amazon Author's page. And don't forget to check back in tomorrow when I will be interviewing Lauren Sweet. Have a great day and Happy Reading!


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