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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Want to know more about your favorite authors? Check out my interview with Shana Norris!

If you’re like me, you’ve gained ten pounds after the “Gobble ‘til you wobble” indulgence of Thanksgiving and are ready to sit back and relax with a great book (treadmill completely optional). Continuing with my November Romance/Chick-Lit Author Interviews series, today I have Shana Norris on the blog giving us a peek inside her process and quirks!

Welcome Shana!

ME: Thanks so much for being with us today, Shana! I know I’m excited to learn more about you and your writing… what are you writing now?

SHANA: Right now I'm working on the sequel to my newest ebook, Surfacing. The sequel is my NaNoWriMo project, and I'm really enjoying just diving in and letting the words come out.

ME: I need to participate next year! I bet a lot of genius comes out of letting top-of-mind ideas flow! How closely do your characters resemble you? (Any particular quirk?)
SHANA: Sometimes my characters are a more exaggerated version of myself. Avery in The Boyfriend Thief is my control freak side multiplied by a thousand. I'm not as extreme as she is, and nowhere near as neat and organized, but sometimes I do get a bit obsessive and like to have everything completely under control. I've been known to stress out when things start getting a little too crazy, but thankfully not as much as Avery does.

ME: I know what you mean… it’s like – Ha! See, someone is more neurotic than me. (Even if they are fictional). Do you ever wish you lived a character’s life (not just in your imagination)?
SHANA: Not really, because characters usually have a lot of bad things happen to them! Other people in the stories are always trying to tear them down or worse. I'm fine with my boring, quiet life and just pretending to be a part of a character's world for a little while.

ME: That’s a good attitude to have. I sometimes wish I lived the exciting, privileged lives of my characters, but then I realize how exhausted I’d be. Let’s talk about something really important: Sunglasses (a particular fetish of mine): designer or drugstore cheapies? How many pairs are enough?
SHANA: I like designers, but I like them from places like Ross or TJ Maxx. I'm pretty tight with my wallet! For me, one pair is enough because I tend to stick with the same pair until it falls apart.

ME: Good call. If it weren’t for my fashionista of a mother I would definitely not have all the goodies I do. Back to writing: Would you ever want to work on a combined project with your favorite author? If so, who?
SHANA: I'd really love to do a project with Meg Cabot because she's so funny and she was one of my inspirations for writing young adult books. But honestly, my messy and unplanned writing process would probably make me a terrible co-writer.

ME: Wow, you’re about the hundredth author who’s mentioned Meg Cabot… I really need to read something of hers! I’ve found that readers really enjoy connecting with authors… what is one thing you want your fans to know about you that they may not already be aware of?
SHANA: I could eat spaghetti and a vegetable salad every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy. Yum. You can probably tell that it's almost time for lunch as I write this...and yes, I am having spaghetti today!

ME: Food has also been a general theme with the authors I’ve interviewed… thankfully I’m finally full after the gluttony of Thanksgiving, or I’d be planning Italiano for lunch, too! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing with us! I look forward to your books and hope you’ll drop by again sometime!

Want to learn more about Shana Norris? Make sure to check out her books, starting with The Boyfriend Thief – available now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Also, make sure you check out her Amazon Author’s page for bio information and a complete listing of her work!

Happy Reading!

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