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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elizabeth Lowell's PEARL COVE - Only $2.99

Ah, Pearl Cove... I loved this story. Imagine my surprise when I went to verify the name of a book I had read years ago and found it had been released for kindle... and at $2.99! I'm disappointed in the cover image - what did they do, scan it? - but this series about the Donovan family has always stuck in my mind and I'm glad to see it available in ebook format! There are several other books in the series, including Jade Island, Midnight in Ruby Bayou, and Amber Beach (I can't remember the exact order of the books, but they can be read out of order). I would recommend them all. Fantastic reads, from a fabulous author! Also available for Nook.


The eldest brother in one of Seattle's most powerful families, Archer Donovan is handsome, dangerous, and fascinated by pearls. He's also been in love with Hannah McGarry, his half-brother's wife, for the last 10 years. Far away in Australia, Hannah's loveless marriage ends in violence when a cyclone tears apart her pearl farm and her husband, Len, dies. But Len's death wasn't an accident; he was murdered. Desperate for help, Hannah places a call to Archer, who rushes to her side and quickly finds that powerful competitors in the pearl trade are circling Pearl Cove like buzzards.
Businessmen, criminals, and government agencies are willing to do whatever it takes to find a fabulous pearl necklace, named the Black Trinity, and to learn Len's secret formula for producing the extraordinary black pearls. Racing against time and tracked by enemies too numerous to count, Archer and Hannah begin a dangerous game of hide and seek to find Len's murderer and recover the Black Trinity. But even if the two lovers survive their adventure, will Archer find a way to convince Hannah that he's a different man from his unbalanced half-brother? And can Hannah find the courage to chance her heart and love again?

Happy Reading!


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