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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November Author Interview series... Today is the wonderful Dalya Moon!

Wow! 3 days into my Romance/Chick-Lit Author Interviews series and I’m worried I’m never going to get through all the great new books I’m finding. Today we have Dalya Moon (is that a great name, or what?), author of Practice Cake… why are these interviews making me hungry? Oh, yeah, Mac-n-Cheese and now cake! Yum. Anyway, I’m not to be deterred from my nosy mission!

Welcome, Dalya!

ME:  Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to satisfy our curiosity! What are you writing now?

DALYA: I'm currently revising two novels, and I have outlines and notes for other projects. I'd rather not say exactly what (as my plans frequently change), but I will say they are not sequels.

ME: I’ll let you keep your secrets… for now - though you have me incredibly curious. Let’s try this one: How closely do your characters resemble you? (Any particular quirk?)

DALYA: Despite what my characters say, I do love singer James Blunt and have the utmost respect for community college teachers. There is no character who is any more "me" than the others. Let's say all the positive traits of my characters come from me and my friends, and all their flaws are entirely fictional!

ME: Ha! Do you ever wish you lived a character’s life (not just in your imagination)?

DALYA: In the first draft, yes. But the longer I work on a novel, the worse it gets for the protagonist. By the end, I'm glad they've found resolution, but I wouldn't trade my life for theirs. I have a great life and a husband who's better than any fictional guy. (Awww!)

ME: I’ll echo the ‘awww’! For a more serious question:  Sunglasses (a particular fetish of mine): designer or drugstore cheapies? How many pairs are enough?

DALYA: I wear regular glasses, so if it's particularly sunny, I have to shield my eyes with my hand. I'm pale and sun-sensitive, so I mostly stick to the shade.

ME: Shade is definitely good, especially when you’re from Arizona, like me. Would you ever want to work on a combined project with your favorite author? If so, who?

DALYA: Whoa, I've never even considered that! On one hand, writing can be lonely at times, and it would be nice to have some company on a long project. On the other hand, I'm bossy! I'd love to meet Margaret Atwood, but at a convention or something, where I wouldn't embarrass myself by actually talking to her.

ME: I’m an author groupie myself, and a dork… I would definitely make a fool of myself. But I’ve found that readers really enjoy connecting with authors… what is one thing you want your fans to know about you that they may not already be aware of?

DALYA: My favorite British sci-fi show is not Doctor Who, but Misfits. There's a lot of mature content, particularly sex, so I do warn folks that it may not be appropriate for younger teens. I find the writing fresh and original, and the casting is incredible. The kids look and act like real people, and the stories are dark, but thought-provoking.

Thanks for having me on your blog!

ME: Thanks for being here! I know your readers and future readers appreciate the insight into what makes you tick!

Bio: Dalya Moon writes novels that are called "sweet" and "light-hearted." She may have to one day murder someone (on the page) to be taken seriously, but for now she’s happy to not be taken seriously at all. She is the author of Charlie Woodchuck is a Minor Niner and Practice Cake, which are both available on Amazon and Smashwords. www.dalyamoon.com

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Great interview! Dalya is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! :) I'm ready to dive into Practice Cake!

    -Emerald Barnes

  2. Dalya, I can't tell you how long I've been wondering which British sci-fi show is your favorite. Now I need wonder no longer! Whew!

    Nice interview. :)