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Monday, October 24, 2011

Have you enjoyed my previous books? Leave a review and get a coupon for a free download of my latest!

Hi, fellow book lovers!

First, a huge THANK YOU to my readers! I never hoped to have so many people reading and enjoying what I've written! Your support is humbling and awe-inspiring for a fledgling novelist such as myself. I've been debating about posting this to my blog for months - I keep vacillating between finding the concept vulgar and knowing I need to do something to get my books noticed. (It is really hard being a new author when there are so many wonderful choices out there!)

But... I need your help and can't think of a better way to go about this... I've been published for a little over a year and find it difficult to get reviews on Amazon (and everywhere else for that matter, but Kindle owners are by far the largest percentage of my readers). Like all authors, I crave feedback from my fans. But I also realize and appreciate that your time is valuable. So, I have a proposition for you (that sounds seedy, but it's a good proposition - I swear): If you've read and enjoyed either of my first novels (An Unexpected Obsession or A Dose of Reality), and leave a review* on Amazon (or have in the past), please let me know - you can either comment below, send me an email (WriterGurl1@live.com) or private message me on Twitter (@WriterGurl1). In return, I will send you a coupon for a free ebook download of my latest - Witch Way - or any of my other ebooks you would like! Simply copy and paste the URL from your review on Amazon into your comment, email, or tweet & let me know which book you would like to read. Already read everything I've written (I love you!)? I have a new book coming out in November (first in my new Assassins Anonymous series) and I'd be happy to keep your info** and give you a coupon for a free download of it as soon as it's released!

What do you think? Am I a horrible person for groveling? I hope not and thank each and every one of you in advance for going out of your way to help!


*Review must be from a verified Amazon purchaser. Free coupon download is from Smashwords, which allows you to download any version you would like - Nook, Kindle, Sony, iPad, etc. Positive review not required - I want your honest opinion for future readers!

**I will not save your information after coupon has been delivered. Your info will only be used to deliver your free download and verify review, then promptly deleted. This is a spam-free zone!

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